2D paper to 2D or 3D CAD digital version

Be safe: Digitalize it.

The handling, storage, and maintenance of paper drawings can be tedious. It can also increase the possibility of damage and loss. That’s why we offer a paper to CAD conversion service. We will help you convert a hard copy of your data to a safer, more secure, and space-saving digital version.
When you need to convert scanned blueprints to .dwg files, contact us for fast and accurate CAD conversions. Our conversions are fully editable digital files that reduce the risk of irreparable damage to your paper drawings.

Once the digitalization process is complete, you can conveniently store and share your files in any digital space, including servers, clouds, external hard disks, SD cards, and CDs. Digitalize your drawings, create backup copies, and rest easy with the knowledge that your drawings are stored out of harm’s way.You’ll also enjoy newfound office space when you store previously space-consuming drawings in a digital drawer instead of a physical one.

By transforming your hard copy documentation to digital CAD standard drawings, you’ll get access to all of your projects—anytime and anywhere. Pull them up in the office, on-site, during client meetings, or across the globe without the hassle of transporting a physical blueprint.

Information is money. Keep yours organized and safe to take your business to the next level.

Collaborating with co-workers and keeping your clients in the loop is crucial for running a successful business. Digitizing your files makes collaboration simple: share content, allow your clients to make edits in real time, and share updated files instantaneously. Convert all paper drawings into .dwg file format with your own CAD Standard including layers, line wages, and colors. You can also create a 3D model!

Advantages of outsourcing your paper to CAD conversion process:

We employ engineering document management (EDM) and product data entry (PDM) systems to archive and manage CAD drawings systematically, resulting in: