CAD Block Library service


Customize your CAD library and speed up your work.

A customised CAD library makes it easy to insert a single object to change size, shape, or configuration instead of inserting one of many static block definitions. 

Don’t rebuild your projects over and over again, removing old parts and replacing them with new ones–just change the configuration with a single click and save yourself hours of tedious work.

We can prepare a custom and fully configured 2D dynamic block for Autodesk AutoCAD. We also create advanced 3D library objects for Autodesk and Inventor.


Dynamic blocks allow you to speed up the design process and avoid many errors. You can setup specific layer names, colours, and line weights for each dynamic block. This is the easiest way to ensure that your drawings comply with CAD standards.

Inventor, SolidWorks

Custom parts for 3D software such as SolidWorks or Inventor are controlled by various rules and driven by customized parameters. Our intelligent 3D objects provide a simple way to modify and reuse your work. Use custom objects to standardize and automate design processes or to configure your virtual products.

In addition to creating your custom objects, we will set up the parameters that allow for a functional 3D model. The rules we create will determine and drive parameters and attribute values to your design. Your model is made up of a variety of components and features, and each of them influences the end values. We ensure that the behavior of these features results in a fully functional model. 

Our customized 3D objects utilize custom parameter types such as text, true/false, and multi-value lists.

The parameters are controlled by specialized dialog boxes and offer advanced filtering functions to assist in parameter input definition, management, and editing.