If someone will ask, about one word that describes what my work is for me... then, there is only one correct word:

Passion... This word described what engineering design is for me.

As a boy, I loved to draw everything, from buildings to complicated machines...  Always trying to understand how things work.

My CAD design adventure started when I was 16 when discovered the  CAD program the first time.  From that day, I have been developing my engineering design as well as project management skills.

My portfolio includes Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Oil & Gas, piping design, new product design, electrical design and Marine Navy detail design. My skills and experience can be confirmed by the numbers of authorised certificates (please find below the text).

As a CAD Masters Design founder, my mission is to provide the best services on the market. That's why I have determined to focus on the four main factors:

    Cost efficiency.
    Time efficiency.
    Best Quality.
    Data Information.

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