3D Steelwork Generator

Save your time and use our service. 

We can offer the fully automated structure design service for industrial stairs, platforms, pipe bridges and various type of supports. You will receive a full design package include 3D model, General Arrangement and Detailed Fabrication drawings.*

Your Deadline is approaching?

Don't warry we can create for you a 3D structure models on time! Send us a details and  forgot about your problem!
You can send us a basic sketch with the dimensions or just brief description with dimensions and/or section profile details. However, the simplest and the most efficient way is to use our structure template
Advanced 3D Models

Advanced 3D Models

Steelwork design that you need can be created for you in minutes and send directly to your email in few file format types.
GA Drawings

GA Drawings

Fully dimension GA Drawings are package included! All what you need to do is send us a drawing border!
Fabrication Drawings

Fabrication drawings

Fully detailed Fabrication Drawings are included in the Package! 
Multiple CAD Formats

Multiple CAD Formats

You will received  3D models in various CAD formats such as:
PDF – Adobe Reader edrawings 
IDW – Autodesk Inventor
Any universal formats such as STEP, SAT and IGES

How it wokrs

Watch short video and find out how its works!
Save your time and use our service. He can provide industrial stairs 3D model, GA and Fabrication drawings package in 1 Hour*

Steelwork Generator Types

We offer the most common steelwork 3D design, fully customised to suit your needs. Every dimension, type of section profile even single hole can be easy modified as per your requirements!

3D industrial Stairs Generator (Straight)

Every larger project needs high-level access. The design process of the industrial stairs can take even a few days, especially when detail design is required.

Save money and speed up your project .Get a custom design with our stairs generator service.

Advanced design automation algorithms will generate customised  project package according to the BS Standards.

We provide a full design service from 3D model to the detailed manufacturing drawings.

Basic Industrial Platform

Do you need a platform design? The size of the platform is not an issue.

The platform design may be generated based on single or multiple modules, rectangular or square-shaped depend on your requirements!

Reduce your design process time from days to hours!

Service includes a full design service from 3D model to the detailed manufacturing drawings.

Pipe Bridges

If your project requires a multiple pipelines, long pipe support structure, the pipe bridge is the perfect solution! 

The modular design allows us to create a long bridge with, various length of segments. 

We can also customise every module by adding custom structures, such as profiles, cantilevers, bracing systems and pipe clamps.

Pipe Supports

From single to multiple clamps arrangements. Various shapes available.

 T- shape, F-shape, I-Shape, U-shape and more...  

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Steelwork Module Pricing Table

Pick Your plan and safe a time!

1 Module

Buy 1 Module only inculdes:
3D Model
GA Drawings
Fabrication Drawings


Per Module

2-5 Modules

Buy up to 5 Modules inculde:
3D Model
GA Drawings
Fabrication Drawings


Per Module

5+ Modules

Buy 5 or more Modules inculde:
3D Model
GA Drawings
Fabrication Drawings


Per Module


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Per Module
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