CADMasters’ friendly and accommodating staff are available to provide timely proposals for your upcoming project. We strive to deliver a quote within 24 hours of receiving a complete drawing or project scope. CADMasters employs a unique approach to incorporated CAD and BIM innovation that emphasises duty and quality.

    We offer our clients a high quality, readily accessible, and cost-effective CAD Design Service. Our 3D modelling experts utilize innovative modelling software such as Autodesk Inventor, Navisworks, and Solidworks. We are familiar with Building Information Modelling (BIM) Standards. 3D solid modelling is a far more efficient process than 2D design and allows us to optimise the quality of your designs. We make project management simpler and faster by allowing you to inspect your designs in a virtual environment before proceeding with the next stage of production. This process eliminates many human errors associated with 2D design, saving time and money at all stages of the production process.

    3D CAD design services include:

    • 3D solid modelling design – a complete product design package
    • 2D detailed drawings, plots, pictorial plots, and technical illustrations – for instruction manuals and sales literature
    • NEW conceptual drawings – created from scratch from customer sketches, or any other available materials
    • Detailed parts and assembly drawings – suitable for quoting, costing, product promotion, and production of required tooling for manufacturing
    • Conceptual 3D models and layouts
    • Updating our customers’ 3D CAD library
    • 3D Printing
    Drawing file formats provided include:

    • DWG/DXF – AutoCAD
    • PDF – Adobe Reader
    • SLDprt – Solidworks
    • edrawings
    • IDW – Autodesk Inventor .nwd, .nwf, & .nwc – Autodesk Navisworks
    • Any universal formats such as step, sat and iges

    Construction drawings play an essential role in engineering design. CADMasters offers a GA drawing service as part of our fabrication/construction drawings. General Arrangement (GA) drawings come with isometric views for clients in need of 3D models. Isometric drawings provide an impressive, realistic rendering of the design and allow for a clear understanding of complex design components.

    GA Drawings are best utilised for outlining plan layouts, views, elevations, or sections. A comprehensive view of the design that includes object sizes, connections, and references to more detailed drawings is essential for any project.

    We are eager to work closely with your team's elements to ensure that all requirements and challenges of your project are addressed before installation. Clear communication and a thorough understanding of your vision will allow us to produce accurate and effective drawings that exceed your expectations and make on-site installation easy.

    Drawings are available in the following file formats:

    • DWG/DXF
    • PDF
    • SLDDRW (if 3D model is required)
    • IDW (if 3D model is required)

    CADMasters offer fully developed fabrication drawings for a range of industries. The fabrication drawings can be based on 3D models (created using Solidworks or Inventor). Of course, we know that a successful fabrication is formed from more than just drawing skills and technical knowledge.

    A quality fabrication also requires open communication between all parties involved in a project, including architects, engineers, and material manufacturers.



    We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality piping spool drawings in the shortest possible time. The CADMasters team has expertise in designing piping layouts for various industries, including:

    • water treatment
    • oil & gas
    • petrochemicals
    • and power companies

    Our experts are comfortable producing work to standards such as BSP, ANSI, and ASME, among others.

    We develop piping designs based on:

    • Piping material specifications
    • Valve material specifications
    • Piping 3D plant engineering
    • 3D Modelling (Equipment, piping structures, raceways & plant accessories)
    • Plant, piping, & equipment layouts
    • Generation of intelligent P&ID
    • Isometrics
    • Clash report
    • Pipe supports design
    • Springs & special support design
    • Piping detailing & drafting
    • 2D detail design
    • Plant, piping, equipment and support detailing
    • General arrangement drawings

    Be safe: Digitalize it.

    The handling, storage, and maintenance of paper drawings can be extremely tedious. It can also increase the possibility of damage and loss. That’s why we offer a paper to CAD conversion service. We will help you convert a hard copy of your data to a safer, more secure, and space-saving digital version.

    When you need to convert scanned blueprints to .dwg files, contact us for fast and accurate CAD conversions. Our conversions are fully editable digital files that reduce the risk of irreparable damage to your paper drawings.

    Once the digitalization process is complete, you can conveniently store and share your files in any digital space, including servers, clouds, external hard disks, SD cards, and CDs. Digitalize your drawings, create backup copies, and rest easy with the knowledge that your drawings are stored out of harm’s way. You’ll also enjoy newfound office space when you store previously space-consuming drawings in a digital drawer instead of a physical one.

    By transforming your hard copy documentation to digital CAD standard drawings, you’ll get access to all of your projects, anytime and anywhere. Pull them up in the office, on-site, during client meetings, or across the globe without the hassle of transporting a physical blueprint.

    Information is money. Keep your files organised and safe to take your business to the next level.

    Collaborating with co-workers and keeping your clients in the loop is crucial to running a successful business. Digitising your files makes collaboration simple: share content, allow your clients to make edits in real-time and share updated files instantaneously. Convert all paper drawings into .dwg file format with your own CAD Standard, including layers, line wages, and colours. You can also create a 3D model!

    Advantages of outsourcing your paper to CAD conversion process:

    We employ engineering document management (EDM) and product data entry (PDM) systems to archive and manage CAD drawings systematically, resulting in:

    • Reduced retrieval and print time of the electronic files
    • Improved information flow via email and sharing platforms
    • High-quality drawings with accurate dimensions
    • Lesser chance of damaging or losing data
    • Freed up space from digitizing hard copies
    • Efficient document sharing and control
    • More easily implemented universal or customer-specified formatting

    Many of our clients have legacy drawings in 2D format electronic format, or even as hard copies, but don’t have the time or personnel to modernise their library. We offer a high-quality, readily accessible and cost-effective 2D to 3D CAD service using software such as Autodesk Inventor, Navisworks and Solidworks.

    Because 3D solid modelling is a more efficient process than 2D design, we use it to improve your overall design quality. We can also help you speed up the 3D modelling process if you’d like to create assemblies yourself. We will work with you to create your own personalized 3D standard parts library. This will allow you to save many hours of 3D solid modelling for your future projects.

    Building Information Modelling (BIM) Standards are increasingly moving towards the requirement for fully integrated and intelligent 3D components and assemblies. Use your valuable time more efficiently by allowing us to build your 3D BIM components so that you can focus on the significant aspects of the project.

    Creating a digital Building Information Model enables those who interact with the project to optimise their actions, resulting in greater lifetime value for the asset. Creating 3D digital prototypes is also an excellent way to visualise and simulate products and establish manufacturing and material costs.



    Customise your CAD library and speed up your work.

    A customised CAD library makes it easy to insert a single object to change size, shape, or configuration, instead of inserting one of many static block definitions.

    Don’t rebuild your projects over and over again, by removing old parts and replacing them with new ones. Just change the configuration with a single click and save yourself hours of tedious work.

    We can prepare a custom and fully configured 2D dynamic block for Autodesk AutoCAD. We also create advanced 3D library objects for Autodesk and Inventor.


    Dynamic blocks allow you to speed up the design process and avoid many errors. You can set up specific layer names, colours, and line weights for each dynamic block. This is the easiest way to ensure that your drawings comply with CAD standards.

    Inventor, SolidWorks

    Custom parts for 3D software such as SolidWorks or Inventor are controlled by various rules and driven by customised parameters. Our intelligent 3D objects provide a simple way to modify and reuse your work. Use custom objects to standardise and automate design processes or to configure your virtual products.

    In addition to creating your custom objects, we will set up the parameters that allow for a functional 3D model. The rules we create will determine and drive parameters and attribute values to your design. Your model is made up of various components and features, and each of them influences the end values. We ensure that the behaviour of these features results in a fully functional model.

    Our customised 3D objects utilise custom parameter types such as text, true/false, and multi-value lists.

    The parameters are controlled by specialised dialogue boxes and offer advanced filtering functions to assist in parameter input definition, management, and editing.



    CAD Standards improve the process of design, production, management, and exchange. We will update your 2D drawings to any CAD standards, including sets of common properties for named objects, text styles, line types, symbols, objects, dimension styles, and plot style modes.

    We can also convert drawings generated from 3D models to your required standards. Our advanced auditing tools allow us to verify each object for CAD standards.

    Our object verification process covers:

    • Named objects
    • Text styles
    • Line types
    • Symbols/Blocks
    • Dimension styles
    • Plot style
    • Title block properties and content
    • Layer naming